Metal Max 2 Reloaded Impressions: A Wild Wasteland

I’ll admit, this is a game that came out of left field for me. And fair warning, it has no official English release, so you’ll need to get your hands on a romfile if you want to use its english patch (I’ll link the patch, the rom you gotta find or dump on your own). That said, 30 hours in there’s still plenty left to see and do, but I love it so much I just gotta talk about it!


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Ys Origin: Prequel Perfection

So, last time we talked about the bumpiest (heh) action RPG out there with Ys1 and 2. Well, now we’re going to talk about the prequel to those games. Though, quick warning: DO NOT PLAY THIS UNTIL YOU FINISH YS 1&2 (or watch a playthrough or something if it’s not your cup of tea) as it has LOTS of spoilers for those games. I’ll be avoiding any talk about those spoilers in this review. Now let’s get onto a prequel that is absolutely solid, shall we?


GENRE: Action RPG with a much improved combat system

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Ys 1&2 Chronicles: Bumpin’ Baddies To Boppin Beats

Fair warning: I love this series, so I do have a bit of a bias towards it. Even though I will admit the first two games have *not* aged well considering the much better combat systems future games in the Ys series use. But I still consider Ys 1&2 a classic, so yeah, we’re talking about that.


GENRE: Bumpy Action RPG with really great music

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Retro Game Curation: Gunstar Heroes!

We’re back with another Retro game highlight, per my namesake for once! This time, I’m looking at one of the best Run and Guns ever made on any system, though in this case it’s the Genesis/Megadrive.


Also part of the Megadrive & Genesis classic bundle on Steam and via Nintendo Switch Online

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Zelda Classic: Remaking a Legend From the Ground Up

So, given my namesake, it should come as little surprise the original Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite games of all time. So when you tell me there’s an entire engine built from scratch to not only re-create that game, but greatly expand upon it and effectively allow anyone with enough time and patience to make their own Zelda experience? Of course I’m going to be all over it. More after the jump!

GET IT HERE: Zelda Classic’s Official Website

JOIN THE OFFICIAL DISCORD: ZC Official Dev Discord Alternate Link (Get it? Link? :D)


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Waves of Steel: Sink Their Battleships!

So, I’ll say this right off the bat: I’m not really into Naval Combat Sims. There’s a lot to them I don’t get. …Thankfully, this isn’t a Naval Combat Sim. It’s arcade style naval combat and it’s addicting as heck. Folks, I’ve got a real gem for you today:

GENRE: Arcade Naval Combat and Shipbuilder

GET IT HERE: (Early Access)


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Nightmare Reaper: Don’t Fear It

I think it’s pretty clear at this point I subscribe to the “Classic” field of FPSes. Doom, Quake, Unreal. We’ve had quite the “Retro FPS” revival lately thanks to games like DUSK, and now thanks to Blazing Bit, we’ve got yet another great throwback style FPS with a lot of twists in Nightmare Reaper. More after the jump!


GENRE: Retro FPS with a hint of Roguelite (No permadeath tho)


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