Megacraft Classic Ready for Minecraft 1.12

Many things dragged this update out. First there was my relatively ancient computer with a 1 GB video card and an Athlon Phenom II processor; it could barely run my own resource pack anymore and needed to be replaced. Then there were long hours at work, being throttled by my ISP, and the nature of this particular update itself. It was one of the tougher ones for me complete despite being so small. I probably could have had this done and released a lot sooner if I wasn’t a slow, deliberate person who tries to put a lot of thought into everything.

But it’s done! See the main project page for Megacraft Classic here, see the gallery for the 1.12 update here, and actually download the darn thing here. I’ll clean up the rest of the project’s nexus soon, I swear.

Rockman’s Not Over, and neither is this project.

About Time I Finished This: Exit Plan (Avernum: Escape From the Pit pt 33)

So, last time we found what should be the way out.

This is pretty much the point the entire game has been building up to. Sure we got to slay a big scary demon, and hunting down Lagram was fun. We made the underworld a much better place but as I’ve been saying the whole time we don’t want to be underground, we want out. So let’s leave already!

Read more

About Time I Finished This: The Way Out (Avernum: Escape From the Pit pt 32)

So, last time we beat the game… kinda.

For what it’s worth Grah-Hoth is dead, throw in all the other stuff we’ve done like end the war with the slith and destroy the Freehold, and Avernum is looking pretty secure right now. but we’re still stuck underground and we’d kind of like to see the sun again. Also we want to kill Hawthorne because really, that exile-happy lunatic needs to go. Read more

About Time I Finished This: The road north (Avernum: Escape From the Pit pt 30)

ISo, last time we finally met Erika, she’s scary and made us jump through a bunch of hoops to reach her.

Talking to her and looking around her tower also gave us a bunch of insight into what’s needed to finish the game. We know where the exit is and where to find the parts to the password for it. If I wanted to I could totally run off to start handling that. but first, we need to pay a visit to Grah-Hoth. Read more

About Time I Finished This: Erika the Red (Avernum: Escape From the Pit pt 29)

So, last time we explored the rest of the Abyss and caught a glimpse of what might be Erika’s tower.

In theory I could use the Orb of Thralni to hop the river and go say hi, but said river is part of the last major body of water in Avernum, and we know there’s a boat I can take up north to go explore it. It’d probably be best to get that done before we hit the tower. Read more

About Time I Finished This: A Trip down the Abyss (Avernum: Escape From the Pit pt 28)

So, last time we finally found Lagran! it was a very awkward reunion and also we killed him.

We’re now in the Abyss, the place where the exiles exile their own exiles to. We’re basically in double-Avernum. We’ve actually been here before, as Bargah is part of the abyss, but this time we’re coming in through the front entrance rather than sneaking in through the back. There’s a bit to explore as we make our way northwards Read more

About Time I Finished This: I can fly! (Avernum: Escape From the Pit pt 26)

So, last time we wandered off the map past Fort Remote, and found a dragon.

At this point our goals for the end of the game are pretty clear: Slay Grah-Hoth, find Erika so she can help us escape, then find that exit to the surface so we can actually do so. We’re also starting to run out of other things to do. That said, there’s still a couple things to deal with. Namely, We know there’s some bandit trouble near Fort Spire, but for now there’s a couple things I want to deal with before I start pushing north. Read more

About Time I Finished This: Off the map (Avernum: Escape From the Pit pt 25)

So, last time we visited Fort Remote and met Grah-Hoth, He’s kind of a jerk and we’re probably going to kill him.

At this point, the game is starting to really push for us to go northwest, all of our current quests tend to lead up past fort Saffron into the Abyss and hte areas around it. Though we still have a few things we need to go do elsewhere, like dealing with Kyrass. For now though, lets focus on the area past Fort Remote. Read more