Yakuza 0: Like A Dragon~! Punching for the Very First Time~!

Yakuza (AKA Like a Dragon) is a series that has been quite popular in Japan, but also has recently begun to gain traction in the west. It’s a very fascinating series, and I’m here to introduce it with the prequel that I think is an amazing way to get into the series!

GENRE: Japanese Life and Violence Simulator

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/638970/Yakuza_0/

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Final Fantasy IX: The End of an Era

In many ways, Final Fantasy IX was a sendoff for the series. While Final Fantasy certainly wasn’t coming to an end, it would become very, very different with entries from this point onward with combat systems never quite being the same between games anymore, with wildly different settings compared to previous entries. While IX wasn’t the last game, Square Enix treated it as if it was in a way, and in doing so, they created one of the best Final Fantasy titles of all time.

GENRE: JRPG Magnum Opus

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/377840/FINAL_FANTASY_IX/

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Doom 64: The Underrated One

Doom 64. It’s seemingly one of the more divisive games in the Doom community, with some hating it more than Doom 3, which…I find a bit hard to believe but here we are. That said, I personally think Doom 64 is underrated and one of the best games put out in the series even if idsoft themselves weren’t the ones that made it. And thankfully, courtesy of Nightgive Studios’ Kex Engine, we now have a legitimate way to play it on PC in glorious widescreen at 60 FPS, and with new levels to boot! So let’s talk about why I think this is a great game even if it wasn’t on the best console:

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1148590/DOOM_64/

GENRE: Classic FPS on a questionable console

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GRAND CROSS: ReNOVATION – The Risk Taker’s Shmup

While most shmups inherently have danger as an aspect in the form of enemies and bullets that will kill you, I’ve recently come across a shmup that takes the feeling of danger and brings it to new heights. It’s one thing to be in a bullet hell situation, it’s another to be in one where you have to make your life worse intentionally for high scores, and yet…I somehow love this concept in the shmup in question:

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1808900/GRAND_CROSS_ReNOVATION/

GENRE: “I’m In Danger~!” The Shmup

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Dead Cells Revisited: Featuring Return to Castlevania!

Okay, I’ve not been posting, and that’s totally on me! So I can at least start by posting about one of the things that’s kept me distracted lately: Dead Cells! Yeah, I reviewed it before, but it’s gotten a new DLC since then and I’ve been spending a lot more time with this title. I’ve even gone so far as to make a music mod for it, which I’ll bring up in the revisit review proper.

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/588650/Dead_Cells/

GENRE: Roguevania But Now That Moniker Makes More Sense

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HoloCure – Vampire Survivors VTuber Waifu Edition

So, let’s get one thing straight before we go any further into this review. I’m a very casual fan of the vtuber craze. I don’t tend to catch a lot of streams from the girls of Hololive and I most certainly do not throw money at them. A lot of vtubers I do follow I follow more for their content than the fact they’re cute virtual waifus. So keep in mind that’s my perspective on this since the game we’re looking at is very much about the VTuber phenomenon: HoloCure.

GENRE: Reverse bullet hell survival…With cute anime waifus!

GET IT HERE FOR FREE!: https://kay-yu.itch.io/holocure

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Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2 – A fighter anyone (And I do mean anyone) can play!

So, right off the bat I will admit I can guess what a lot of you are already thinking: “Retro, this looks like a shitpost. Are you trolling us?” And I am not. I absolutely swear I am not. I admit that yes, Kyanta looks and sounds like a shitpost, but it is absolutely NOT a shitpost. It’s honestly one of the best fighting games I’ve played in years, and that’s because it’s incredibly approachable whether you’re a veteran from the days of the OG Street Fighter 2 (We don’t talk about 1…) or you’ve never touched a game like that in your life. And hey, this one is completely free, and I mean *COMPLETELY* free. There’s no money of any kind required for anything, it’s just flat out FREE. So what have you got to lose trying it?

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1026840/Ultra_Fight_Da__Kyanta_2/

GENRE: 2D Fighter that looks like a shitpost but isn’t

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Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster – The Last Hurrah

So, while Final Fantasy V might be my favorite entry of the Pixel Remasters? I cannot deny what is a favorite of most people, and for good reason: VI. So let’s talk about the last entry in the series, and how it ends on a very strong note while making way for the future of the series on Playstation.

GET IT HERE: Steam Link

Genre: Magnum Opus JRPG

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Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster: Back in the Right Direction

Given my thoughts on Final Fantasy 2, you’re probably wondering where things went from there. Well, thankfully I can say the last of the Famicom Final Fantasy titles brought the series back into greatness, and would lay the foundation for my favorite FF a couple games down the line. So let’s talk about the Final Fantasy that introduced the Job System and redefined how making a party in an RPG worked.

GENRE: Job System JRPG Pioneer

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1173790/FINAL_FANTASY_III/

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