A deeper look at Golden Souls 2: Part 2!

Last time on Golden Souls 2, Doomguy fought his way through the grassy plains around his home, and a dangerous, dry desert on his quest to save his precious bunny from the clutches of the evil Cyberdemon. Now, he finds himself in much fairer climes as he arrives on the sandy, tropical beaches of the mandatory Water world every Mario style game needs! More after the jump, though consider waiting until you’ve beaten the fourth world to read this if you’re actually playing the mod.

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A deeper look at Golden Souls 2: Part 1!

So, I gave a bit of an overview of why I liked Golden Souls 2 in my last article. Today we’re going to take a deeper look at it. Because I wanted people to experience it for themselves, my brief review didn’t touch on a lot of finer details. That’s what this article will be doing, but I gotta be honest. Golden Souls 2 is HUGE! So huge this is gonna be a multiparter! I figure this will prevent spoiling the entirety of the experience for those who want to get a more in depth idea of what to expect, but leave a chunk of the experience unspoiled. For now, we’re going to cover the first two worlds.

Leave my bunny alone you robotic slash demonic jerk!

Today we’ll be taking a more in depth look at Golden Souls 2, with a look at its weapons, worlds, and monsters. So that said, SPOILER WARNINGS! I did say this is best experienced yourself first, but if you want to know more before playing, I’ll be covering things in order. So you can choose to stop before hitting a new world if you want to avoid being spoiled on its stuff. That said, we’ll only be covering the first half in this part, with part 2 covering the latter half and endgame. Ready to read on? Then hit that jump like Mario-Err…Doomguy…?

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Raging Blasters: A Little Bit Compile, a Little Bit Hudson, all awesome Shmup

If you know your shmups, you already know Compile and Hudson are two big names for the genre during the 90s. If you don’t, well…You’re about to. Because this game takes some great elements from both and mixes them together for a fun little shooter called Raging Blasters.

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1464550/RagingBlasters/

Genre: Shmup

Also Available On Nintendo Switch


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Ender Lilies: (Mandatory Jojo Stand Joke)

Ladies and gents, we’ve got another Soulslike Metroidvania on the list. Why? Because I really like this subgenre, and frankly Ender Lilies is a really good one that deserves your attention. While it may be a case of ‘a lot of things we’ve seen before mixed together’ that doesn’t it stop it from being any less of a gem you should check out. More after the jump.

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1369630/ENDER_LILIES_Quietus_of_the_Knights/

ALSO AVAILABLE ON: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One/S/X, Playstation 4 

GENRE: Metroidvania Soulslike with a hint of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


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Archvale: Legend of Bullet Hell-da…Man that’s a stretch.

So, I recently got my hands on XBox Gamepass for PC, and I’ve been trying a few things out on it. This particular indie entry stood out to me, so y’know what that means. Review Time! And let me say this was one fun little Twinstick Shooter RPG, something that frankly there isn’t enough of in this world. 

GENRE: Bullet-Hell Adventure

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1296360/Archvale/

Also available on Xbox One and OneX. …Is it OneX? Those console names, I tell ya.

Free on Gamepass (At the time of writing, games come and go from Gamepass)

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Eschatos: A good, simple shooter

I’ll admit, I had a bit of trouble finding something to write about this week, so we’re gonna keep it simple with a good, but also simple game. Because sometimes you just want something simple to pick up and play, and Eschatos definitely fits the bill as a fun but simple 2.5D shooter.

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/378770/ESCHATOS/ (Demo also available)

Also available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox360.

GENRE: Good ol fashioned 2(.5)D shooter

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VR: 8 Fun, Affordable Games for an Expensive Headset

Thanks to holiday discounts, many people were able to finally afford a VR headset! However, they’re still expensive and this might leave some players with only a small budget for games to play with it. As someone who went through that a few years ago, I’m here to help! In this guide, we’ll look through several VR games that are fun, easy to get into, and free or no more than $20 USD.

Please note: This article is written from a SteamVR user’s perspective, but many of these games can be found on other platforms with a little searching. Short ‘tech demo experiences’ are mostly being ignored here, in order to focus on games that can fill a meaningful VR session. A few games may be headset-specific, but I will try to mention this where relevant.


The Lab

Summary: A collection of mini-games in the Aperture Science (Portal series, etc.) universe that show off the basics of VR, backed by a lot of charm and humor.

Cost: Free

Steam store link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/450390/The_Lab/

The Lab is an excellent introduction to VR. Seen here, a player pets a virtual robo-dog (obviously a mixed-reality image from Valve, but this shows the concept better than in-game pictures would)
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Chronicon: A superior Diablo alternative

Let’s be honest, for a lot of us, it’s hard to want to support Blizzard right now. But all of that aside, I’ll also admit that as enjoyable as Diablo 2 was back in the day, I feel the remaster has stuck too much to old, frustrating “features” of the genre that other, newer games have moved on from to provide better quality of life to their experience.

And Chronicon is one such game. A mostly one man effort that creates one of the most enjoyable “Loot Action RPG” experiences I’ve ever had. More after the jump.

Genre: Loot Collecting Action RPG

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/375480/Chronicon/


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Genso Wanderer Reloaded: You got Touhou in my Roguelike Dungeon Crawler!

I’m usually not one for the “pure” Roguelike or Mystery Dungeon genre, I’ll admit this. But every once in awhile a game comes along that I can’t stop playing in those aforementioned genres.

…It figures that it would be a Touhou themed game is one of those.

GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/931500/Touhou_Genso_Wanderer_Reloaded/

Also available on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4/5

More on this addictive dungeon crawler full of cute girls after the jump.

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