Megacraft Classic 1.12

This isn’t just the release of The World of Color Update we’re dealing with here. We’re also dealing with the launch of Mega Maker, so I no longer have a stranglehold monopoly on the market.


It’s not all color though. Some of the most outstanding additions in this update are the Database of recipes you can freely access and some helpful windows that tell you want to do if it seems like you’ve never played Minecraft before.


Once the initial tutorial is over, the new, customizable, Advancement system will help you on from there. Megacraft’s Advancements sometimes reference achievements in previous games, but won’t show up unless you’re using the resource pack’s custom language file.


Meet the parrots: Green Birdbot, Delupipi, Pipi, Game Boy Pipi, and Beat.


Did you know there’s a new hostile mob that splits into copies? Yeah, no one else does either. It’s not properly implemented into the game yet, much like the Saturation potion effect.


Do you know the lengths I go to in order to ensure that my textures are unique and eye-grabbing? I spent so long playing around with the new colored beds that I was ready to collapse into them at the end. Alas, due to the new way the game uses bed textures, you can’t make the lights on them blink anymore.


Glazed Terracotta is one of those rare blocks to have shaken up the whole game. It’s fun to use, but looks pretty out of place in the game, which is probably why Mojang is updating all of the vanilla block textures in the 1.13 update. I wasted a lot of time overthinking these blocks myself. They came out better when I just went in scribbling without a plan, which is against my nature, and straight lines actually worked far better with them than I initially suspected.


Mojang updated a lot of colors for this update, and there were some I didn’t like, so Megacraft Classic’s wool remains the same as it always has. The higher saturation works well with banners and Shulker Boxes though, and the concrete clocks are now Pixel Blocks, each one a single solid color taken straight from the NES color palette.


Download this resource pack for Minecraft Release 1.12.

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