Megacraft Classic 1.11

Like Beta 1.8: The Adventure Update, this Exploration Update is here to go, “What are all you players doing, wasting your lives in your bases? Go play outside!”


Llama llama cheesecake llama half-a-baked-potato llama llama llama mushroom llama llama llama duck

Each llama’s saddle comes with a specific theme:

Pink: Jewel Man
Red: Roll
Orange: Mettaur
Yellow: Pharaoh Man
Lime: Circuitry
Green: Auto
Cyan: Mega Man (Smash Bros. version)
Blue: Knight Man stage banners
Light Blue: Cogs
Purple: Pirate Man
Magenta: Prize Ball
Brown: Rideman.EXE
Black: Bass
Gray: Proto Man
Light Gray: Bolts
White: OVER-1


The Hatchetsuji is a mob I designed from whole cloth, its name coming from “hatchet” and a Japanese word for “servant”. It’s a dapper butler robot that cleans and maintains woodland mansions. Should you drop by for a visit, it will cordially escort its axe into your skull.


And this is where Hatchetsujis can be found living. They present a unique challenge for advanced players who want to name them “Johnny” and use them as the slaughtering mechanism in various mob farms. But how to transport them without getting slaughtered yourself?


Because maps can now be sold by villagers, I had to redesign them to support the new colors they now come in. Now they’re tablet-like devices that project a subscreen containing a map.


The Rompers from Clown Man and Magic Man’s stages can also be found infesting woodland mansions. They’ve learned some nasty tricks from the robot masters they’ve served under, like how to call for Wanaans and New Sibuls.


Shipping capsules are now dyable too. There colors don’t really stand out until the 1.12 update though. Darn me and my literalism.


The new Observer blocks have become Octopus Batteries. Here we see them guarding a section of Cut Man’s stage. Some New Sibuls have flocked here on vacation and it seems some of them have already been destroyed and dropped 1-Ups. Holding one of those preps a Spare Body for you to be instantly transferred to if your current one is destroyed.


Guys, can we please stop killing Auto in our iron farms? He doesn’t deserve it. Let’s kill Power Musclers instead.

I had originally planned to hold off on this change until randomized mob textures were added to the game, but I got tired of waiting.