Megacraft Classic 1.10

Boy did I agonize over this update. Why’d you have to put more zombies and skeletons in the game, Mojang? Mega Man doesn’t have many of those, nor does it have an easy equivalent to those oozy, warty blocks! I did eventually get everything figured out though. Let’s run through the updates.

For the role of the Stray, I originally considered Ice Man’s ice skeletons from that one Ruby Spears episode, but then I realized that I could edit the two parts of the Stray to create a non-skeleton mob. So enjoy being attacked by Crystal Joes now!

Due to the Great Idea Crisis of 2016, Mummiras were forced to migrate to the desert.

Now the Nether is patrolled by Gilliam Knights. It makes much more sense for them to drop gold items.

Shirokumachine GTV was one of the few obvious translations in this update.

Careful when stepping on chunks of incinerating scrap, or you’ll be resigned to the dustbin.

Megacraft Classic’s version of red nether brick would add extra spark to nether fortresses if only it naturally generated.

Use score ball blocks to make blinking Christmas mushrooms! The bone vertebrae blocks make good stems too.

Hey look, I finally fixed the potions so they’re all colored correctly. Redstone torches now spark intermittently too instead of constantly.