Megacraft Classic


I’m attracted to the obscure, hence my persistent Commander Keen avatar. Mega Man has always struck me as kinda obscure too, though not necessarily because of anything he or his games have done. Originally he didn’t even have his own Minecraft resource pack, just about a dozen unfinished and forgotten ones, so I took it upon myself to fix that. By now, I’ve been working on Megacraft Classic for over three years.

Here’s a video I made for the pack’s first major release. It’s grown a lot since then.


Oh, something else you should know…

This resource pack comes with a custom language file: English (Mega Man). You have to manually activate it in the game’s language settings though. When you do, it’ll change the names of many of the blocks, items, and mobs, plus spice up the death messages and make things overall more immersive and less boring.

There’s also a pack of music you can download.

Minecraft lets you combine resource packs, so just activate Megacraft Music along with Megacraft Classic to get 500 megabytes worth of classic music playing in your Minecraft world. This does not include the music for the records you can collect in-game though. Those count as items, so they’re part of the main resource pack.

I had to spin the music off into its own pack because it ended up bloating the size of the main packs too much, consuming precious space in my Mediafire account. Plus, the music assortment and syntax isn’t likely to change at all no matter how much Minecraft updates, so it’s best off as a companion project.

Find the download link in the download list below.


Megacraft Classic 1.8

Megacraft Classic 1.9

Megacraft Classic 1.10

Megacraft Classic 1.11

Megacraft Classic 1.12



Megacraft Music (works in Minecraft Release 1.7 – Most Recent Snapshot)

For Minecraft Alpha 1.2.2 – Beta 1.2

For Minecraft Beta 1.3 – Beta 1.7

For Minecraft Beta 1.8

For Minecraft Release 1.0 – 1.2

For Minecraft Release 1.3

For Minecraft Release 1.4

For Minecraft Release 1.5

For Minecraft Release 1.6

For Minecraft Release 1.7

For Minecraft Release 1.8

For Minecraft Release 1.9

For Minecraft Release 1.10

For Minecraft Release 1.11

For Minecraft Release 1.12