Mega Man Fully Charged Episode 6: Blaze of Glory

Written by A. J. Marchisello

Story by Marcus Rinehart

Directed by Gino Nichele

Rating: Awful

There’s a heat wave in Silicon City and for some reason, the city’s water supply is heating up as well. Of course Fire Man is behind it, but this time Mega Man is armed with Wave Man’s weapon. We also see that Mega Man is numb to all pain and this show is numb to science and consistency.


Good Points

The interactions between Mega Man and Fire Man are pretty good if you’re willing to just forget about the rest of the show and isolate yourself in the moment.

These early episodes are the only time when Mega Mini actually acts like a mechanic. In just three more episodes, the show will completely forget what his purpose is for the rest of the season, even when it dedicates an entire episode to his alleged purpose.

Bert Wily’s bike looks like a ride chaser from Mega Man X2, though it’s probably easy for any sci-fi series to accidentally make such a reference.


Stupid Points

The entire plot makes no sense. How can a water processing plant control the temperature of all water in the city, even in pools where the water has been turned off? It reminds me of that one Ruby Spears episode where Mega Man was attacked by flying appliances, except that show had the excuse of deliberate camp. Fully Charged doesn’t.

Why would Bert’s pedal-powered bike have fireproof plating? How was Fire Man able to set the Sunacopter on fire even when it had fireproof armor? And shouldn’t dousing it with Wave Man’s Water Wave have just damaged it further? (Mega Man doesn’t learn restraint with weapons until the next episode.)

Since robots, and Aki especially, are haphazardly treated as functionally identical to humans in this show, it actually doesn’t make sense that Aki wouldn’t know what it’s like to feel hot and uncomfortable in the summer. This is one of those stumbling blocks that could have been avoided if the show had only done some basic world building, but since it didn’t, it feels like it’s making things up as it goes along.

It also doesn’t make sense that Mega Man’s blaster turning red hot wouldn’t cause him pain at all.

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