Mega Man Fully Charged Episode 4: Videodrone

Written by Marcus Rinehart

Story by “Man of Action”

Directed by Gino Nichele

Rating: Alright

Aki is saved from having to fail a chemistry exam with Mr. NRT by Hypno Woman hypnotizing the entire school via everyone’s smartphones. It’s not bad for the token zombie apocalypse episode.


Good Points

Aki: “Mega Mini, can you confirm that I’m not having a short circuit?”

  Mini: “Roger that, Big Blue. By the looks of it, you’re the only one who isn’t fried upstairs.”

Mega Man: “Suna, are you a zombie?”

  Suna: “Are you asking for a swift reboot to the behind?”

Mega Man and Suna work very well together in this episode.

Hypno Woman has an interesting backstory as the former school counselor.


Stupid Points

It’s pretty common for video games to be awkwardly portrayed on TV shows since the two forms of media are in head-to-head competition with each other, but it’s especially egregious in a TV show based on a long-running and respected video game, as is the case with Mega Man Fully Charged and Deli Dodgers, Aki’s favorite game.

Even robots have smartphones? This isn’t as bad as, say, Drill Man’s backstory, but every random detail tossed into the definition of what robots are makes that an even bigger problem in the show’s foundation. You can’t build a dramatic myth arc when you have nothing to build upon.

By Mega Man standards, Hypno Woman’s design is woefully generic with no hint as to what her powers are.

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