About Time I Finished This

So, Hi. I’m Kharne. Welcome to a project I’m calling “About time I finished this” It’s a series in which I play through various games, generally RPG and strategy titles, and chronicle my progress through them in posts I write here, Hopefully people will enjoy reading them. Why am I calling it “About time I finished this”? Because most of the games I’ll be playing are games I’ve played before, but never never actually beaten. Through this project, I can start to fix that. Because with so many great games out there? It’s about time I finished them.

With that in mind I’ll note that any current playthroughs are being done somewhat blind. I’ve played the game at least a bit, But at best I’ve never seen the end game, I know it can be tempting, but I’ll have to ask that readers please keep the backseat gaming to a minimum. I don’t mind some minor suggestions in character builds, or warnings when it comes to bugs or various annoying “gotcha!” moments in a game’s designs, but please let me figure stuff out on my own. If I really need help. I’ll ask.

I’ll also try to allow audience participation when I can. I can’t always offer major stuff, but most games should allow some input in party building and naming things should be doable, or polls on what game to cover next.

Games in progress:

Avernum: Escape From the Pit: start here Or read the Latest entry.