About Time I Finished This: The Way Out (Avernum: Escape From the Pit pt 32)

So, last time we beat the game… kinda.

For what it’s worth Grah-Hoth is dead, throw in all the other stuff we’ve done like end the war with the slith and destroy the Freehold, and Avernum is looking pretty secure right now. but we’re still stuck underground and we’d kind of like to see the sun again. Also we want to kill Hawthorne because really, that exile-happy lunatic needs to go.

Before I start on the home stretch, a couple loose ends to tie up. Remember that demon who wanted us to visit after dealing with Grah-hoth? He’s missing. There’s no text pop up or anything. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if there really is nothing and the plot thread goes nowhere. Oh well.The king on the other hand is overjoyed to see we’ve done it.Outside of hte money this lets us read that tomb in his room, and what does it do?It contains a level for both a priest and mage spell, both of them late game spells to boot!Finally, I go and hand over those tongs and pincers at Silvar, finally finishing their last job board quest.The reward is a bit underwhelming for this late in the game but hey, it’s done. Anyway, we only have half the password, we should get those other two parts!Like we heard earlier, Athron has one part and is willing ot tell us if we’d just please, go away.The other part is with Patrick, the option to ask for it is kind of burred in his dialogue tree, but since we saved his wife and now know to ask, he’ll tell us.

Coincidentally? The full password is Kro Bas Eng Kai I’m not sure if they’re supposed to go together like Krobas Engkai or Krobasengkai, or if there’s any particular meaning to it. But we have the full password.One more thing needs to be done though. Remember the chest in Spire we can’t open? We need to open it now. The key to that is Scab here.Sca here doesn’t like Meena and is all for seeing that circlet of hers stolen out of that chest. Namely he notes that a cave to the west has the key, and someone name Asp in Cotra knows how to get past the trap on it.That’s the key to the west.And here’s Asp who, for 100 hold will tell us how to handle the trap.Finally, here’s us taking the circlet. We’ve got everything we need. time to pay Sulfras a visit.Just hand everything over…And she grudgingly opens the gate for us.Behind the fort, we find a bridgeWe also find a surprise gazer ambush, it’s not a major deal at this point, and odds are we’re about to encounter much worse.Curious…Finally, we wind our way to a door. A door set far above the rest of Averum, with none of the usual signs of being closed off by the Empire.With a name like “Final Gauntlet” I should probably stop here, We’re very likely looking at the final dungeon of the game, which should probably get it’s own update and while I missed a lot of small things to get here (where was that slith assassin anyway?) I think it’s time we made the final push finish this game.

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