About Harmonious Buttons

We’ve been following video games since Atari dominated the American market and we don’t want people to lose perspective about how far games have come and how much there is to appreciate about them. There’s something interesting in even the worst of games, something that’s often worth digging out and studying, even when said games aren’t worth paying more than a penny for. We tend to delve into gaming’s past and promote independent developers the most, as that’s where the most unique features and history tend to be found.

CK is a writer, professional caregiver, and mediator who’s gravitated around old franchises for comfort. His interest in gaming stands on four pillars: Commander Keen, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Saturn Bomberman, and Megaman Legends. He’s created a Minecraft resource pack, many pipecleaner action figures, a series of novels, and various other things.

RetroNutcase has been gaming since his age was in the single digits, starting out with the Atari 2600. Almost any genre aside from Sports (with a few exceptions) is right up his alley, with classic Doom being a personal favorite. Seriously, ask him and he’ll probably have something Doom related you can get into.

Valkyrie was born with a controller in her hands, or at least a Pac-Man pillow in her crib. Unable to pick a side, she became a double agent during the “Bit Wars”. This allowed her to enjoy offerings from both Nintendo and Sega, as well as anything else that came under her nose. Her focus is mainly on JRPGs, Metroidvanias, and obscure titles on obscure consoles, many of which may not have been translated or released worldwide. A hobbyist at heart, she is always tinkering with some old console to bring some modern flair to it for new life on new television screens.

Seizui is the PR expert who paradoxically loves to stab people. He’s been mostly influenced by anime and high fantasy and has a lot of roleplaying experience to boot. Since creating his brainchild, Reize Seatlan, he’s been spreading his love of gaming to every developer he meets and helping others find refreshment and inspiration. Today he’s one of the heads of Sacred Star Team, which develops the Sacred Earth games.

Kharne83 (or just Kharne, the 83 is silent) has been playing games for a long time, to the point that he owns “an embarrassing” number of games and has a miles long backlog, and it’s still growing! A fan of RPGs and strategy games, as well as retro stuff, but he’s willing to try out almost anything. These days, he’s been working on building a Twitch audience, so check him out there.


See all of these guys on the HB Discord server: https://discord.gg/pzRwXGrcru