Welcome to Harmonious Buttons!

Please excuse our mess as we’re still getting features set up. CK and Seizui, the two main guys behind this site, tend to be busy with their careers in caregiving and the Unites States Air Force, respectively. That’s why instead of this being a site for regular news about games and things related to them, the goal is to make it more of a museum where we slowly amass content that’s worth revisiting.

Please also give a hand to Kharne83, RPGMel710, and Seon, three fine fellows with unique ideas that you may be seeing more often than Seizui and CK. We’re all here to promote a thoughtful, cultured taste in entertainment inspired by sites like 1-Up, US Gamer, Game Cola, Platypus Comix, and Hardcore Gaming 101, though Seon may just be interested in writing about wine and beers. But that’s fine too!

We’re got some regular features like “CK’s Toy Box” and “Tales from the Creature Keeper” in the pipes, plus Seizui is best known at that guy who donates to Kickstarters just to get Reize Seatlan into them. What on Earth could drive him to such madness? Stick around and find out!

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