Star Chaser Story

Star Chaser Story follows the story of a boy, Reize Seatlan, with the ability to hear the wishes of the people, and incidentally help them achieve their wish.  


Star Chaser Story: Dawn of a Dream [Manga Project]

Dawn of a Dream is prologue before he started his first adventure, covering his normal life.

Reize, who’s been fed tales of adventure by his father, wants to become an adventurer himself. He’s grown up in a peaceful valley village where his passion and willingness to help is appreciated, but more than anything else, he wants to set out into the world to find himself. Yet his father refuses to let him leave the village and isn’t upfront about why.

Whether by fate or through bad luck, Dawn of a Dream is the start of Reize’s opportunity for an adventure.


Star Chaser Story: First Flight [Video Game Project]


The story begins following a young boy, Reize Seatlan, who is prepared to make a name for himself as a great explorer. However, his plans take an unexpected turn when the girl that he rescued reacted to his pendant and both warped from the familiar forest to an unknown cavern. With no idea of what she is and a strange crystal to her forehead, Lily and Reize try to find a way out of their predicament, but have to work together in order to do so. Their journey takes them across an unknown region of Cosmopolis, a city plagued with an encroaching overgrown of vegetation called Proliferation. Their journey presents adventure, danger, friends and enemies.