Megacraft Classic

A Mega Man-themed Minecraft resource pack. Has a LOT of custom animations and block variations to make the game more lively, but this means you also need a modern-ish computer to run it smoothly. Seems to be the only pack of its kind that still updates regularly. If you play Minecraft, try it out and don’t forget to turn on the custom language file that comes with it. At some point in the future it will be compatible with Minecraft: Pocket Edition and get a reduced version that demands fewer computer resources.


Tales from the Creature Keeper

CK’s brainchild is a series of novels about a world where humanity has driven itself to extinction, but its successors, both domesticated and feral, could learn a lot from its legacy. It started out as a series of short stories about his toys and pipecleaner action figures coming to life, but gradually matured from there. Now they’re all flesh and blood living in a small town called Timber River. Earth has recovered to its lush green state after a millennium and the animal-like “tribes” of the world live in an age of rediscovery where they dig up history and inventions from their human precursors. Is pending a grand relaunch after the completion of Episode 3, the halfway point.


Star Chaser Story

Star Chaser Story follows the adventures of Reize Seatlan, a character that Seizui has developed since 2001. The character himself has grown and developed over time from a online roleplaying environments to the next. Since 2013, he has been featured in video games such as Valdis Story: Abyssal City, Shovel Knight, Endica VII: The Dream King, Shiness, and Children of Zodiarcs.

Now, Star Chaser Story has been in development since 2013 and revamped in 2016 with a more focused narrative.  It features characters belonging to Seizui’s friends, similar to how Record of Lodoss War’s characters were developed from a Dungeons and Dragons group campaign.

Star Chaser Story: First Flight, is designed to be a fast-paced action RPG similar in the spirits of Ys (Oath in Felghana/Origins). It marks the beginning of Reize’s adventure and his troubles.