Metal Gear Survive: The Breakup Anguish Continues

Konami has announced that their first post-Kojima Metal Gear game is going to be a multiplayer zombie survival game, and no one is happy about it. It’s kinda early to be upset over this game, but Konami is definitely reaping what they’ve sown here.


What’s funny is that Metal Gear has had many, many silly moments throughout its history, so you’d think alternate-dimension-zombie-survival would be inoffensive as a concept. The problem here, however, is that the game takes itself completely seriously with no comedy to be found, not even so much as a single character shouting, “Zombies?! Are you freaking kidding me?!”. I don’t think any ridiculous part of any Metal Gear game has ever been allowed to take center stage like this before either. That’s why what emerges from the game’s trailer is a portrait of a company that has no idea what the heck it’s doing.


I love your work, ProJared, but you're way off the mark this time.

Or… maybe there’s no idiocy at play here, but helplessness. Konami chased out or fired anyone with any talent long ago, so a generic multiplayer zombie game may actually be the best thing they’re capable of producing at this point. Maybe all that’s going on is them being forced to lie in the grave bed they’ve made for themselves.

After all, they worked hard to exit the video game industry and burn every bridge behind them. Despite their actions speaking way, way louder than their words though, at least one PR person on Reddit lately has been trying to insist that Konami hasn’t and has never abandoned core console games, which I suppose he has to say, seeing as it’s his job and all, despite it being far too late to try to take any statements back. Prior to that, Konami’s claims about whether or not they had exited the game industry had been so two-faced and flippy-floppy, you’d think Donald Trump was running the company.

Konami’s stories of employee abuse are well-documented by now too. They exiled the Castlevania guy to Siberia and put the Metal Gear guy through so much strife that when we finally saw him again, he looked like a P.O.W. rescued by Solid Snake himself as he announced his new partnership with Sony. Silent Hills still hauntingly wails from its grave much like Megaman Legends 3 does. Hudson Software has died twice over thanks to Konami; we’ll not only never see another worthwhile game from them, but we’ll never see another Bomberman game either.

There are many, many good reasons for the outrage this trailer has prompted, and so much of it comes from people who once loved and adored Konami and are aghast at witnessing it continue to march toward its callous, tragic, inevitable end. Can you blame people for being heartbroken?


Let’s end this news flash with a love song, because that’s what this story is REALLY about.

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