Megacraft Classic Ready for Minecraft 1.12

Many things dragged this update out. First there was my relatively ancient computer with a 1 GB video card and an Athlon Phenom II processor; it could barely run my own resource pack anymore and needed to be replaced. Then there were long hours at work, being throttled by my ISP, and the nature of this particular update itself. It was one of the tougher ones for me complete despite being so small. I probably could have had this done and released a lot sooner if I wasn’t a slow, deliberate person who tries to put a lot of thought into everything.

But it’s done! See the main project page for Megacraft Classic here, see the gallery for the 1.12 update here, and actually download the darn thing here. I’ll clean up the rest of the project’s nexus soon, I swear.

Rockman’s Not Over, and neither is this project.

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