Mega Man Fully Charged Episode 9: Tripping the Light Fantastic

Written by Michael Oliver

Directed by Gino Nichele

Rating: Good

A disguised Hypno Woman takes Dr. Light on a date. Since Aki previously copied Hypno Woman’s weapon, he’s able to see through her disguise and then rushes off to save his creator from some sinister mind control scheme. Based on that premise, this episode is better than it has any right to be.


Good Points

This episode is classic Dr. Light and then some. While the original Dr. Light is a bit of an overly trusting and idealistic fool, this Dr. Light actually knows what’s really going on from the start and chooses to date Hypno Woman anyway in the hopes of starting to reform her. Heck, if he’s that much more aware than anyone realizes, he may already realize that Aki is Mega Man, but that’s a whole other quagmire.

Mega Man’s copied powers giving him quirks beyond additional weapons is something I’d like to see more often throughout the entirety of the franchise and its spinoffs.

Mega Man disguised as a waiter and using his weapons to help prepare and serve food is actually a bit of a delight to see in an allegedly comedy-centric series.

Even the banter between Mega Man and Mega Mini is good.


Stupid Points

Suna’s skepticism about Marie being Hypno Woman is not just arbitrary, but utterly insane. It’s the sort of Sgt. Night-level error that would have ruined the entire episode if Suna had been a main character in it, even after factoring in how desperate she is to have a mother again. She doesn’t even believe Mega Mini, the mechanic with the most objective information, which I guess shoots down the theory that Suna created Mega Mini and hence Mega Man by extension.

Mega Mini says that copying Hypno Woman’s powers made her Hypno Whammy weapon useless against Mega Man, yet that wasn’t the case at all in “Videodrone”.

You start realizing that Mega Mini could be killed just by stepping on him. What was he thinking, going out into the middle of a dance floor?

This is more fridge logic, but why would Hypno Woman need to be reformed in the first place? Why not just reprogram her like that lawnmowing robot? Is it because this show doesn’t know what a robot is?

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