About Time I Finished This: The Dangers Around Duvno (Avernum: Escape From the Pit pt 4)

20160819205333_1 - CopySo, last time we talked with a cat person about what you call a gathering of worms. Then we killed him.

Right now we need to go north, as that seems to be where all the action is. Plus the great cave is locked off to us and our ticket in is at Formello. But first, we’ve got some business at Fort Duvno.

20160820091145_1Fort Duvno is only slightly better than Silvar. There’s a couple more shops, and an alchemist who will make us free potions if we bring the right herbs. Most of the locals are busy complaining about the various bandit and nephilim raids that we’re here to look into. There’s also an inn but they won’t let us use it. Not that we need it. our health and energy gets a free refill whenever we enter town.20160820091322_1Perhaps the most important thing to note is Carol here. She’s another trainer, but for basic priest spells. And unlike the skill trainer in Silvar. Spells are much cheaper to train and improve.

20160820091432_1We also take a quick moment to hand over that message we got from Jay off the job board in Silvar to Captain Johnson. Earning us some easy money. Talking to us further gets us some more work. We can help deal with a bandit fort nearby, though he’s not too worried about it. The big problem is the nephilim, who along with some goblins, are building a fort up north, they already sent a group of scouts and never heard back, so he wants us to go in kill the commander, and while he doesn’t say it he’d probably want us to kill everyone else inside it as the commander makes it perfectly clear he really hates nephilim. A lot. To the point that he’d likely consider feline genocide a great idea.20160820092402_1 He’s kind of the last person you’d ever want to show a cute cat picture to.

Anyway we head up north to deal with the fort, but get a little sidetracked on the way.

20160820093105_1We find a secret up in the caves that net us some free supplies.20160820093205_1I also get accosted by bandits demanding gold as we leave that room. Though I decide to offer them an alternative. It’s also a rare material down here, so I’m sure they’re cool with me paying in iron.

20160820093427_1My semi-aimless wandering eventually leads me into a bat cave. We have another job board quest to deal with this, so we might as well.

20160820093711_120160820093905_120160820094921_1It’s a quick dungeon, the worst of it is the bats that swarm in from everywhere just past the entrance. as well as a couple of nastier varieties of rat mixed in with the typical giant ones. We walk away with a bunch of crystals to sell and a quick run back to Silvar to tell Gary the news nets us some coins and a bronze broadsword. we that done, we head back out, quickly finding the nephilim fort.

20160820095521_120160820095715_120160820100702_1The fort is small, cramped and very crowded. enemies in here aren’t all that tough, but they’re everywhere and it seems I can’t go two steps without running into something that wants me dead. We eventually find what we’re after however.

20160820101157_1It’s a goblin shaman, sadly the fight isn’t all that interesting. he has some backup and can summon beasts, but he doesn’t have any nasty tricks like the waves of worms Droknarr summoned. Fighting him off ears us a key, as well as some look from the rooms nearby. With that done, I take a moment to clean up the rest of the fort, and stumble across something interesting.

20160820101728_1There’s a prison area nearby and in one of the cells, a survivor! He doesn’t have much to tell us, he mentions the shaman was guarding a key, which we took already, before we sent him on his way. with this done we stop back at hte fort for a refill and to share the news.

20160820102356_1I was expecting more unnerving joy at the thought that we killed a bunch of catfolk for him. I’ll just be thankful I’m wrong this time.

20160821091201_1The bandit fort is not to far from fort Duvno, sitting on top of a hill.20160821091404_1surprisingly, there’s nobody guarding the front gate, but we do find a hidden switch, leading to a hidden room with some extra goodies in it for us.

20160821091541_1the front of the fort has some minor encounters with rats and worms, and surprisingly, skeletons. but strangely no bandits yet.


20160821091737_120160821091916_1We end up fighting our way over to the barracks, Where we find more bandits waiting for us. along with their leader.

20160821091939_1Huh, we can ask about Lagran. Makes sense actually. Maybe Mr free strong bandit nation is here?

“Yes, Lagran came here. Tried to join us. I turned him away. I could see the naked ambition in his eyes. He went south, probably dead now.”

Interesting. Sadly we’re due to head north now, but we’ll have to double back eventually, maybe we’ll catch him then?  with that out of the way, we get back to trying to kill each other.

20160821092149_1Sadly, our opponent makes the mistake of retreating into a small cramped room. He doesn’t last very long.

20160821092422_1Strangely, there’s plenty of bandits in the rooms to the sides but instead of rushing to their leaders defense, they decide to stay where they are until I get around to entering the room.

20160821093253_1The fort has a small upstairs area, it’s full of goblins.

20160821093413_1There’s the scrolls we needed for a job board quest! let’s go back to town to had this stuff over.

20160821093708_120160821093729_1With that, we’re done at Fort Duvno There’s still a squad of bandits on the road to the north somewhere I need to take care of. but I can’t seem to find them.

20160821094520_1That said we’ve got a ways to Formello, maybe we’ll find them on the way.

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