About Time I Finished This: Party notes (Avernum: Escape from the Pit extra)

Let’s talk characters for a moment.

20160818150611_1I’m not going to bother going into the gritty details of every last stat and skill on this screen. But just give a basic overview. The important thing to note is the skill tree to this side, there’s also a magic tree. It’s worth noting that everyone has access to these trees. This game doesn’t have hard classes. Picking a class just sets your initial stat and skill points for you. Otherwise you can do whatever you want, within reason, armor messes with mage spells, and the more stuff you try to do at once, the more you’ll be spreading your stat and skill points out.

That sad, as we have a party of 4, we’re going to have everyone fairly specialized. it’s probably best that way.

You also have traits, a list of small perks you can chose from to help further build your character. for example. Marion here has backstab, which lets her do some extra damage with melee attacks when her target is standing next to an ally.20160818150834_1You also have two kinds of spells. Priest, which is mostly support and healing spells and Mage, which is all about damage and debuffs. There’s also Battle Disciplines, which are basically spells for your non spell casters, I’ll point out what these things do as I find use for them. it’s worth noting that spending skill points on weapons traits can unlock Battle Disciplines, but it seems we’ll have to buy or find spells out in the world.

20160818151533_1Finally we have the inventory. Interestingly I’m not noticing any stat or skill requirements on anything. Though I suspect you’ll need a good carrying capacity (raised via strength) to use the real heavy weapons and armor. to say nothing of the bonuses from things like skills and traits. I could give Aldous a bow if I wanted, but there’s not much point as he’s built for swords.

for the most part. I plan on making Aldous a shield using defensive fighter, with Marion backing him up with dual wielding one handed weapons. Though her main skill will be tool use, so she can do stuff like picking locks for us.

Mycroft and Cordelia meanwhile are going to mainly be back row spell casters, one for priest spells and one for mage. With maybe some training in bow or thrown weapons so they’re not too energy reliant.

Finally, there’s a cool thing I want to point out. most of the stats and skills have mouseover text, with pictures! 20160818150616_120160818150626_120160818150720_1If I’m not mistaken, that’s the work of Phil Foglio, perhaps best well known for his work on the webcomic Girl Genius.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about the character screens right now. I’m not going to keep perfect track of every little stat and skill and piece of equipment here but I’ll point out some of the highlights as they crop up.

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